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Vis a vis season 4 episode 8

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Season 1. Dead Mosquito. Sewing Tinkerbell. Sole suffers a health crisis, and Macarena scrambles to find a way to warn her parents that they're in imminent danger. Everything Happens for a Reason. Macarena races against a deadline to pay back her growing debt to Anabel. The SIM card goes missing and changes hands multiple times. A Day in the Country. When Zulema and Anabel harass Valbuena, he pits the two against each other.

Rizos gets an offer she can't refuse, even if it means Harsh Reality. As the scene in the woods plays out in flashbacks, Rizos learns she must get a job on the outside, and Zulema reveals a secret to Saray's Anabel forces Macarena to pick up more drugs for her via a conjugal visit with a stranger. But getting the fetus's DNA tested will be no easy Pretty Woman.The Doctor finds Lieutenant jg Tom Paris inside a holoprogram called Grease Monkeywhich was a s -style car garage complete with " surf rock " music emanating from a nearby portable radio of that era.

The Doctor calls Paris' attention to the fact that his new medical assistant has been rather lax in his duties to improve upon his skills as an assistant, instead choosing to spend the time he should have been spending in sickbay working on a mechanical "patient" of sorts, a vintage Chevy Camaro.

Industrial rope rescue

The conversation ends when Paris gets a call from the bridge to take the helm. When he arrives on the bridge he is still wearing his garage overalls. An alien ship emerges out of a spatial distortion just ahead, its outer hull sparking with what appears to be an energy overload. Paris believes that the ship is being powered by a coaxial warp drivean experimental propulsion system that could be the cause of the spatial distortion.

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok 's readings from the tactical console reveal that the alien ship's warp engines are overloading. Realizing how dangerous a coaxial warp drive explosion could be to nearby space and with the crew unable to hail its pilot or beam them off the ship, Paris decides to create a symmetric warp field that could possibly contain any instabilities in the alien ship's warp core.

There is the possibility that the symmetric warp field could cause the USS Voyager to collide with the ship. Captain Kathryn Janeway agrees to Paris' plan and he carefully maneuvers Voyager close to the alien ship so that Voyager 's warp field surrounds both ships.

With the alien ship's warp core powering down, Voyager receives a hail from the other ship. A humanoid male alien requests repairs to his ship, which Janeway offers help for and which the alien accepts before beaming aboard Voyager. The alien identifies himself as Stetha test pilot from the fourth planet of the Benthan system who is currently test-piloting the very ship that the crew of Voyager had put themselves at risk to rescue.

As Janeway talks with Steth about helping him repair his ship, Commander Chakotay has a talk with Paris about the lieutenant's seemingly lackadaisical attitude toward his duties as both the navigator and the medical assistant before he decides to assign him to helping Steth with the repairs. On board Steth's ship, Paris gets to know its pilot a little better with some friendly conversation concerning Steth's previous flying missions.

مسلسل Vis a vis الموسم الرابع الحلقة 8 مترجم كاملة اون لاين

Paris tells Steth about the time when he took his father's shuttle out for a joyride. At one time during the repairs, when Paris' back is turned, Steth briefly transforms into an alien female of another species. Steth invites Paris to come with him on his test-piloting adventures, promising that he would have a great time but Paris turns down Steth's offer, realizing that he has responsibilities on Voyager and that B'Elanna Torres would be furious if he just took off. Paris then later meets Torres in the mess hall on a lunch date that he is late for, explaining that he was helping Steth with his ship's repairs.

Torres is wondering what's going on with Paris, why he's been canceling dates and spending lots of time in the holodeck. Paris tries to tell Torres that nothing's going on and that he doesn't need to report every moment that he's not spending with her to her, causing Torres to storm out of the mess hall. Meanwhile, on Steth's ship, he checks with its computer to see how long it will be before his body reverts to its previous form and it reports that it will be three hours and thirteen minutes and that complete genome recovery is imminent.

The following day, Paris takes Steth into his garage holodeck program to tell him about an idea he had for fixing the alien ship's propulsion system that he came up with, similar to a 20th century car's carburetor. Sometime during the discussion, when again Paris' back is turned to Steth, he transforms yet again into the alien female humanoid, though his voice is still that of his male form.Forgot your password?

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Not enough ratings to calculate a score. A well-known face becomes Cruz del Norte's director and a former prisoner becomes an inmate. Zulema does everything to avoid going back to jail. An inmate bravely takes contraband left on the floor. Altagracia utilizes her knowledge of the prison's layout to plan an escape. All the inmates are punished after Zulema refuses to disclose Altagracia's location.

Sole assigns Tere a difficult task.

vis a vis season 4 episode 8

Zulema and Altagracia try to take control by threatening Sandoval's former wife. An inmate must say goodbye.

The choir sings for residents of a retirement home, but some inmates find a way to swipe drugs. Unwelcome news sees Tere experience a joyful reunion. Sandoval appeals to Zulema's motherly instincts and uses this against her. An inmate is saved from near death. Sandoval begins his mission to seek revenge.

Sole's plan to leave strikes issues. Two former lovers are brought back together. Sole chooses to leave while Zulema has a say on Sandoval's fate. The inmate's learn what their next move will be.

It may not have been the perfect finale to the series, but it has been able to tie practically everything raised so far, and to satisfy the public. Its risky scripts; a cinematographic realization that has turned each episode into a movie; and a cast of actresses, for the most part, unknown but with an huge talent.

A goodbye that tastes like triumph.TV Schedule.

Vis a Vis Season 3 Episode 4 Subtitles

Sign In. Vis a vis — Year: S4, Ep4.

vis a vis 2019 (derrière les bareaux)

Error: please try again. Goya abuses Fatima. Altagracia kidnaps Sandoval's ex-wife to get Zulema released from prison but the plan goes awry. Sandoval's wife is left to drown since Zulema has been arrested again. Zulema sends money for Saray's little, sick baby. S4, Ep5. Prison owner Cruz tries to bargain for peace with Zulema. Antonia is back in prison for aiding Altagracia.

The choir group sings at a seniors' home and Tere steals drugs from their pharmacy. The theft is detected and Rizos is in the dock. S4, Ep6. Sandoval arranges for Fatima to be raped by male prisoners from another prison, to pressurize Zulema to disclose Altagracia's location.

Sole's Alzheimer's worsens. Fatima punishes Goya by making her gorge on a big tray full of meatballs. S4, Ep7. Macarena awakes from the coma and Castillo meets with her to take her back to Cruz del Norte. In a registry, the officials find the pills that Sole kept to commit suicide before losing her head and she has to ask her friends for the biggest favor of her life.

After the aggression suffered, Fatima is going to be transferred from prison, but before leaving she leaves a letter for Zulema.

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However, Sandoval has other plans. Macarena enters the jail to find a welcome party, to Rizos in isolation and to Zulema swearing revenge on Sandoval.

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The attempted transfer of Sole S4, Ep8. The prisoners control the jail after the riot for Sandoval's attempt to move Sole out of Cruz del Norte.

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While Sandoval tries to flee since he knows that Zulema goes after his steps and wants to end his life. Maca meanwhile goes to look for Rizos, locked in isolation. Outside the forces of order begin to prepare the assault on the prison, a decision that Castillo does not share, but the presence of Mrs. Cruz within Cruz del Norte makes it difficult to carry out this plan.

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vis a vis season 4 episode 8

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Killing Eve: Season 3. Outlander: Season 5. Saturday Night Live: Season TV Schedule. Sign In. Vis a vis — Season: 1 2 3 4. S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. Zulema is captured and put on a flight to Madrid, where she tries to free herself.

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Mercedes, who deals in drugs, is punished by predator dogs. Altagracia is imprisoned and beaten up. Saray ends up in the same prison after her delivery.

S4, Ep2. Altagracia is hated by Cruz del Norte officials and by inmates. She knows she will not last long in prison if she does not escape before they kill her. Zulema returns to Cruz del Norte now facing Saray and with the incorporation of Hierro as a new official. While Rizos makes a decision that can expose it to the reprisals of Sandoval, after what happened with Mercedes. S4, Ep3. The prison introduces harsh rules since Zulema is not disclosing the whereabouts of escaped Altagracia.

Inmates decide that Tere should kill Zulema for this. Sandoval learns about Zulema's weakness and transfers Fatima to this prison. S4, Ep4. Goya abuses Fatima.

Altagracia kidnaps Sandoval's ex-wife to get Zulema released from prison but the plan goes awry. Sandoval's wife is left to drown since Zulema has been arrested again. Zulema sends money for Saray's little, sick baby.Hide ads with VIP. Mark as watched. Season 4. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3.

vis a vis season 4 episode 8

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